A fortress area located near the Kärnäkoski rapid is an interesting place to visit. The bastion fortress, built by Russian General Alexander Suvorov as part of the defence of St. Petersburg, was completed in 1793. The fortress area is classified as a nationally important, cultural historical environment and scenic area. During the summer, sheep graze freely in the area. The fortress area is also accessible by boat.

A flour mill and sawmill built in the 1800s and powered by the Kärnäkoski rapids are well worth exploring as an authentic part of the cultural milieu of the area. The historical mills are located right next to the fortress. In the nearby barge harbour, one can peep into the clear water to view barge wooden structures that have sunk long ago. One can also enjoy the lake view and have a picnic in the close-by Vuorilinnoitus shelter.

Address: Partakoskentie 845


Partakoski village is located on a narrow isthmus between Lake Saimaa and Lake Kuolimo. The village has two rapids, Partakoski and Kärnäkoski, the power of which was harnessed by mills during the 1700–1800’s.

The clean rapids nowadays flow naturally from Lake Kuolimo to Lake Saimaa and are a clear and attractive sight to see in South Finland. A backwater on the lower side of the rapids remains unfrozen for a large area, and quite often a small bird from the north, the white throated dipper, can be seen spending the winter alongside the rapids.

In the landscapes of Partakoski one can also find the ”Ruhtinaanmaja” Villa, built by Prince A. Barjatinsky in 1885. The villa was built high up on Patterinmäki hill, and was later used as a primary school, among others.

Address: Partakoskentie 971

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Savitaipale has been inhabited for thousands of years: there was an important Stone Age settlement around Lake Kuolimo which dates to around 3000–1600 BC. Today, visitors can admire the very same landscape at Rovastinoja prehistoric residence, with a turf hut built according to the old model. Rovastinoja is also a rest area on the Traces of the Ice Age - Stone Age Man route.

Map of Savitaipale hiking routes (Rovastinoja marked as "SA 21" on the map)


In Kuivasensaari island there is a fully functional windmill built back in 1804. In 2002, local residents repaired and restored the windmill back to its original form. The Rahikkala windmill is of the post mill type, meaning that the whole body of the mill that houses the machinery is mounted on a single vertical post, around which it can be turned to bring the sails into the wind. Surrounding the mill are stone fences built at the turn of the 20th century, which are also repaired.


Luotolahti Hill alongside the hiking route Orrainpolku has a magnificent view over Lake Kuolimo. The hill has a sharp incline and, as such, is rather demanding to climb. The Orrainpolku path meanders through a rugged wilderness-like landscape, along which there are two shelters: Onkilampi shelter is accessible from Partakoskentie road. Luotolahti shelter on the shore of Lake Kuolimo also serves visitors by boat. More info about the hiking trails and destinations in Savitaipale can be found on the Outdoor recreation page.


The current church of Savitaipale, completed in 1924, was designed by architect Josef Stenbäck. The church holds worships on Sundays and public holidays at 10 am. The seating capacity is about 700. Savitaipale church functions as a road church during the summer.

The objects of the church, in particular, the organ, altar painting, stained glasses, textiles, baptismal font, chandeliers and candlesticks are worthy of viewing.

In 2012, provincial magazine readers voted Savitaipale church as the most beautiful church in the province. The article revealing the results of the vote began as such: ”Savitaipale church takes your breath away and allows one’s mind to empty itself of our mundane hectic life. The church is impressive, whilst also being minimalist grey.” (Etelä-Saimaa 21.7.2012)

Address: Peltoinlahdentie 26



The museum area is located on the green hill of Hakamäki, some 5 minutes’ walk from the town centre. Located on the hill and erected in 2008, a 14-meter-high lookout tower has beautiful views that open out over Lake Kuolimo.

The museum area forms a country milieu. In addition to the main building, the yard area has outbuildings, a windmill, a smoke sauna, a drying barn and a normal barn. One of the most interesting buildings in the yard complex is the croft of a file soldier. The hut represents a typical South Karelian farmhouse. The chamber of the hut features Savitaipale textiles. The museum windmill is of the so-called foot mill type. The smoke sauna displays, in addition to the traditional sauna, also artefacts used when treatingax, including e.g. a flax trap.

Hakamäki house museum has a small sales point, where one can buy as a gift, say, a Europaeus inspired piece of jewellery, or publications. Hakamäki house museum and the museum area are owned by Savitaipale Home District Association.

The yard is a very popular location for Savitaipale festivities. Especially at Midsummer, people meet to watch a handsome bonfire. During the summer, Hakamäki is also the site for the arrangements of concerts, shows and other events. Every year, ”Sapassi” week and Hakamäki picnic bring interesting guests from different fields to perform in the museum area.

Opening hours: Jun–Jul. Tue–Sun 12–17 

Services: Sales point

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Address: Paimensaarentie 10

Europaeus in St. Petersburg at the beginning of 1860's


Europaeus Museum presents the life stages and extensive life’s work of Savitaipale folklore scholar and archaeologist D. E. D. Europeaus (1820–1884).

David Emmanuel Daniel Europaeus was a pioneer during the time of autonomy. He socialized with both the educated classes of his time, among others, Elias Lönnrot, as well as ordinary folk. During his extensive research trips, Europaeus collected folk poems, explored different languages and was interested in archeology.

The museum’s permanent exhibition has a collection of material belonging to the life of D.E.D. Europaeus. On display is his family tree, as well as his literary output. In addition to the folklorist, the museum also presents the history of Savitaipale and Olkkola mansion.

The Europaeus museum is located in a small log building next to Olkkola mansion.

Opening hours: by appointment for groups

Tel. +358 400 665 615, +358 400 615 566
(Savitaipaleen Kotiseutuyhdistys - Savitaipale Home District Association)

Address: Olkkolantie 2


The Church Builders Museum, located in a bell tower next to Savitaipale church, presents the traces of the masters of their time. The museum presents the works of the famous Savitaipale church builders Juhana and Matti Salonen, as well as Taavetti Rahikainen.

The bell tower also contains ecclesiastical artefacts, textiles and furniture. Church benches, hymn boards and marriage stools are examples of handicrafts of their time. The exhibition also displays a miniature of Savitaipale’s burnt church. In addition, a handsome old organ and stocks dating back to 1830 are worth admiring.

Opening hours:
from the beginning of June to the beginning of August Sun 11–14, at other times by appointment.

Tel. +358 400 665 615, +358 400 615 566
(Savitaipaleen Kotiseutuyhdistys - Savitaipale Home District Association)

Address: Nikkarintie 2



An art gallery that is open during summer. It is one of the oldest summer exhibions in Finland. Occasionally, you can also enjoy various live performances ranging from music and poetry to improvisation theatre at the gallery. 

Address: Rautionpolku 3

More info about Art Paimensaari


An exhibition space maintained by Savitaipale Folk Art Association, which has a changing art exhibition during the summer. The exhibitions feature works from local self-taught contemporary folk artists.

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Books, magazines, brochures and maps of the Savitaipale area.

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